Fraud Victim Survey

Informed Consent

Please Read the Following Information Letter.


Title of Research: How Victims of Fraud Interpersonal Relationships are Affected by the Result of Their Fraud Experience and the Factors that Contribute to the Believability of the Fraud Presentation.


Investigator: Anna Jelinek


Introduction and Purpose:

You are being asked to participate in a study investigating the how the fraud experience has impacted a person’s life and in particular that person’s interpersonal relationships. The purpose of this research is to explore. Please read this information sheet carefully before deciding whether or not to participate in this study. This study is being conducted by the Department of Forensic Psychology at The School of Professional Psychology. Please feel free to contact the experimenter with any questions you may have.



This study asks you to think about your thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and behaviors surrounding your fraud experience. You will be invited to answer questions about the person who committed against you and how it affected your interpersonal relationships. You will be directed to a website to take the survey. It will take approximately 10-20 minutes.


Risks and Benefits:

There are no foreseeable risks in participating in this study. If a question in the questionnaire makes you feel uncomfortable, you may skip it. The only required question concerns age, as a person must be 18-years-old or older to complete the survey.



We will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of the information you provide. No personal identifiers will be collected in this study thus your identity will not be disclosed. The result of this research may be present at meetings or in publications. As the survey is on the Internet and the Internet is not 100% secure, despite efforts that are being made to protect the data collected. The data will be collected on a secure website. Then transferred to a secure external hard drive which will be kept in a secure location (lock box). It will be disposed of after the APA guideline minimum of 5 years, via destruction of the external hard drive.

Contact Persons:

If you have questions about the research or your participation, please contact the principal investigator, Anna Jelinek The study has been approved by The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Institutional Review Board. If you have any questions about your right as research subjects, you may contact the Institutional Review Board

Voluntary Participation:

Participation in this study is voluntary. You may withdraw from this study at any time. If you withdraw from the study or refuse to participate, you will not be penalized. If you discontinue your participation, the information that you have provided will be retained by the experimenters unless you request that the materials be destroyed.

Electronic Consent:

By clicking "To the Survey" button below you are agreeing that:

*you have read the above information

*you voluntarily agree to participate

*you are at least 18 years of age

* you are a victim of fraud.

If you do wish to participate in the research study, please continue to use the resources on the rest of the page.

Relational Implications of Fraud

Fraud victimization occurs frequently. 


The purpose of my survey is to determine how their fraud experience changes fraud victim's lives.This survey seeks to understand how fraud impacts the interpersonal relationships.Every Experience is unique and deserves due time and to be heard.


There are resources listed below to assist you in any way you might need.Hope this helps you on your Journey.

Fraud Resources

Counseling Resources

Contact Researcher

If you have any questions or concerns please address them to Anna Jelinek.

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